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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  March 8, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon in hd. >> baltimore county police arrested six people in what they are calling a murder for hire case. the alleged ringleader is the victim's wife. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. william porter was gunned down at a gas station on joppa road a week ago, and police believe his wife orchestrated the murder. we get the latest from jennifer franciotti. >> according to charging
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documents, karla porter wanted her husband dead baltimore county police would not comment on the suspect, did say -- >> we want the community to note that this was an isolated incident, and when crimes of a series nature occur, like this, we do everything we can, we mobilize resources to investigate this crime and bring it to conclusion as fast as we can. >> 6 people are under arrest for the murder last monday at the gas station on joppa road. before his funeral saturday, his wife, karla porter, was arrested charging documents show that as early as december she had been trying to get a suspect to kill her husband. she alleged he was abusive. now she and five others are charged with the crime. records show that her sister provided the murder weapon and that mr. bishop killed porter. a family friend cannot believe
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that she was involved. >> i notion t -- i know she did not do it. i have been over to their house. there is no way in hell that william porter's wife would ever do anything like that. >> last week and's water main break forced the closure of a dozen schools today in baltimore county. water distribution continues as 40,000 customers remained without water. officials say a pipe broke saturday in owings mills. most of the affected customers were north of pleasant hill road and the pleasant hill water tanks. they could remain without water until later today. customers to the south of pleasant hill road, who still have water, are strongly urged to conserve to speed up restoration for everyone. the county is giving out water from noon until 9:00 tonight at the complex on mitchell drive. you must bring your own container. >> hope you are doing well.
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what a way to start the week. absolutely beautiful sky conditions out there, abundant sunshine, an impressive temperatures, already up into the mid-fifties. a little chilly air in westminster, but still looking good. above the normal for today. today's forecast is 55 to 58 before it is all over. later this afternoon, sunshine hanging around and winds light and generally northwesterly, at 10 miles per hour. tonight's forecast to assess the chills again. 29 in the outlying areas. another good one in store tomorrow. mid-to-upper-fifties, with a variable winds. there are changes on the way by the middle part of the week. more on that with your seven-day in a little bit. >> now to the problems facing baltimore's catholic schools. on sunday morning, state -- nancy grasmick says that she
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supports the archdiocese decision to close the schools. >> i serve on the archbishop of blue ribbon committee, and it has been necessary to look at this from a strategic and long term point of view. i know how painful it is for the individual students and their families. >> the archdiocese will address concerns at one of two meetings tonight you can attend the catholic high school at edison high way or might -- mount st. joseph high school, tonight at 7:00. the newest member of the baltimore city council will be sworn in later today, and it is a familiar face, carl stokes. the committee unanimously voted him into the seat jack young vacated to become council president. he was born in east baltimore's 12th district, which will represent he says he hopes to slash property taxes and get rid of vacant homes, all while tackling the looming budget deficit. >> to determine what we need to do to strengthen our cities, finances, revenues, and, of
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course, the most immediate problem is the one under $25 million deficit. -- $125 million deficit. >> he lost his seat in a failed bid for mayor in 1999. the council will consider two proposals for ethics in baltimore city. what would make the ethics board more independent. the second bill, a direct result of the sheila dixon case, would clarify the rules of when elected officials must report gifts. sheila dixon argued she did not have to report gifts from her former boyfriend because he did not meet current definition in the ethics code. a committee unanimously voted last week to move the bills forward. gov. martin o'malley and baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will join other officials today for the groundbreaking of a birth of the seabrook marine terminal. per the partnership, the company
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is responsible for investing millions of dollars in the infrastructure. it would make baltimore the second part of the east coast able to accept the largest ships. the state fire fighters association is throwing its support behind gov. martin o'malley's campaign for reelection. the professional firefighters of maryland represent nearly 10,000 firefighters and emergency responders in 21 units across the state. the organization has the endorsement after the -- the organization will announce the endorsement this afternoon. the results from the parliamentary elections will be released in the next few days. violence related to the vote claimed more than 30 lives. >> iraqis we have spoken to seemed pleased with the weight the election went yesterday, despite the violence, more than 30 people killed. millions of iraqis did go out and vote. officials said that voter turnout was roughly 55 to 60%, a
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strong showing. official results are not expected for the next three days. the problem is that several of the candidates have begun to announce their own results, their own personal findings. that could create all expectations and confuse the political process. it is very important for american troops there that iraq remained relatively stable during this period of political transition, because if there were a breakdown of law and order, it could complicate the american troop withdrawal. >> coming up, a complete wrapup of last night's oscars. and sat end to the search for a missing girl in southern california. details on the possible link to a similar crime that recently made headlines. but first, a strong earthquake rocked turkey. how large it was, and the latest how large it was, and the latest on
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should be working for you. for years, disability associates has been working with our clients to get them the social security benefits that they deserve. don't be just another client at another law firm. - depend on disability associates because social security disability law is all that we do. >> the government says at least 57 people are dead after and a quick hit eastern turkey today. the earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 6, schering locals into the streets and cities near the epicenter. the scene was was closer to the center of the earthquake, where houses were knocked down in six small villages. earthquakes are common in turkey. in 1999, two powerful wants to
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the northwest portion, killing 18,000 people. the search for an missing california girl ends in tragedy. officials of positively identify human remains found saturday as those of 14-year-old amber dubois. authorities will not sit for death is linked to the man accused of the killing of a 17- year-old last week. police believe that alcohol poisoning may be to blame for a debt at a fraternity house. he was found dead at the fraternity house at the carnegie mellon campus in pittsburgh. he was celebrating a friend's birthday the day before. the man may have died from alcohol poisoning. still to come, we'll talk collected two stars of the nbc show,, and a look at the winners of last night's oscars. >> things are looking really
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good. hard-pressed to find anything, not even a lot of cloud cover on hd doppler this afternoon. right now, temperatures are in the mid 50's, with winds light and out of the northwest.
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>> hollywood's biggest night saw several veteran performers, with oscars for the first time. >> and the winner is "the hurt locker." >> what i of glamour and high fashion. it was a gritty war drama that when the oscars. "the hurt locker" won for best picture and best director for kathryn bigelow, the first woman to win the honor. >> the first of many, and of course, i would love to think of
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myself as a filmmaker. >> the film won six oscars overall, topping the 31 by "avatar," directed by her ex- husband, james cameron. >> jim is very inspiring, and i think he inspires filmmakers around the world. >> and the winner is sandra bullock. >> it was first-time winners in the major acting categories, including sandra bullock. her performance be out, among others, meryl streep for best actress. >> this was a film i said no to. i thought this was going to be my golden ticket -- such odd circumstances, and things came together in a way that i did not see coming. that is what makes it overwhelming and unexpected. >> longtime hollywood favorite jeff bridges also scored his first oscar, best actor for playing a burned out producing her in "crazy heart."
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it is an honor he shares with his wife of 33 years. >> she holds the kite string and a goes way out there. >> mo'nique also won her first oscar, best supporting actress for playing and a piece of mom in "precious." -- abu -- abusive mother in "purchase." >> this has allowed me to love unconditionally. that goes to a career, great. but if it just allows me to beat a dynamic person, i have one, baby. >> our city has a lot to be proud of. not only did baltimore's owned mo'nique to come are prestigious award, but an award was given to the maker of the short documentary "music by pr
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udence." "trauma"looks at is responder medics. joining us are two stars of the show, cliff curtis and aimee garcia. tell us about the promise of the show and how it differs from other medical shows. >> well, we are shooting in location, on location, in san francisco. we are not in a studio. a lot of times we have to do with rain, which he cannot take on a studio, or -- which you cannot fake in the studio, or crazy people walking on at the scene it is great. i think it is the only medical drama that is shot out in the street of the major city. it is definitely very action packed. sometimes i am hanging from a
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crane, a helicopter, a four- stories high, and i don't i would do that on any other medical show. >> as paramedics, we have our patience for 12 minutes. -- patient for 12 minutes. the crucial amount of time to save our patients. they have the double doors to the er room. no other show concentrates on that. they usually in the hospital all the time. we are out on the streets and rolling over a lot of patients per day, per work day. that accumulates into a sort of stressful dog. -- wbastressful job. you been getting people in the worst possible conditions. >> they show up moments after a car accident. >> i am i phlegmatic. we fly with the helicopter. -- i and eight flight medic. we fly with the helicopter.
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it is the most traumatic cases. >> it is really a great show. >> and so there is a fair amount of action and stunts. and i think the first half of our season, last year, concentrated on a big action pieces, with explosions and plane crashes and all that kind of stuff. the second half of the season, which starts tonight and runs for another 10 episodes, we start to see more of the impact of the things on us as characters and how we are a family of people bacthe normally sedate patients but said ourselves and each other. >> how difficult is it to learn the medical side of it? >> well, we have a medical consultant on board now, so he makes it a lot easier. >> and we also have on that set a lot of medics -- >> right --
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>> we have doctors and nurses and paramedics on the show. it is like a supporting cast and extras. a lot of people telling us what to do. >> i remember doing a scene and a lot of times the fireman on the show are actual firemen. i was really nervous. that is where i get a little bit nervous. he was really nervous about acting, so i said, "ok, i will help you with your lives if you help me with my medicine." we did a little parcher system. it is cool to have such a passionate community in san francisco that we have actual fire meant and paramedics playing themselves. >> and we get a lot of the community responding on line and tell us what we're getting wrong. we have to raise the bar in terms of medicine, and we're doing a lot better in that area. >> you do a great job of making
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it real. we appreciate your time. we want to remind you that you can catch and all the episode of "trauma" tonight at 9:00 on wbal-tv 11. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> it is a gorgeous start to our wheat pit beautiful skies did not seeing any on the visible -- a gorgeous start to our week. it will skies, not only to -- beautiful skies, not only today, but tomorrow. it will be colder tonight. in the meantime, at temperatures of looking impressive already. we are in the mid-fifties. in contrast, 52 at westminster. going out east and st. michael's, at mid-80's. -- mid-fifties. i believe we will be closer to 58 or 59 before it is all over. with a generally light, west or northwest, 10 miles per hour.
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clearing skies will allow the temperature to drop. 2936 is the temperature range. -- 29 to 36 is the temperature range. we're surpassing the normal icon already above the 51-degree reading. in contrast, only 10 degrees. the record low in 1960. tomorrow, more sunshine in store. a repeat of the day. it looks like the winds will be a variable. tomorrow, sunrise time is 6:27, so another nice one for you on your way to work or school. we don't spring forward until march 15. in a little bit of time to go, but soon at the time will be changing. there is a system to our west where you can see some showers into the south approaching louisiana right now.
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driven by the pressure generating added the -- generated in the midwest. just a slight chance of seeing an intermittent showers wednesday and thursday. it looks like on thursday and friday a better chance of a system entering the forecast. we are still going to be 50. not too bad. we are near normal or above normal all week long, despite the rain chances. when it gets cold, in time for next weekend. saturday and sunday, gray, cloudy skies, a good chance of showers and temperatures. >> looks fantastic today. up next, the maryland lottery numbers. another check of the into the plus forecast with sandra shaw, but first, a look at how wal
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>> tonight at 5:00, the latest on the investigation of the murder of the gas station owner in baltimore county. a half-dozen people under arrest, including the victim's wife. plus, arthroscopic knee surgery, when you join us tonight at 5:00. now the maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon to you, marilyn. i am at angela jackson from wbal radio. here are your pick 3 numbers for today. multiplied your fund with the lucky times scratch-off. each ticket gives you a chance to multiply your winnings up to
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20 times, and the top prizes $1 million. well, drawing official nikki cooper is all set, so we will play pick four. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> another nice day. >> i cannot wait to go for a run at this afternoon and as a last time we saw a high of 58 or 59? it will be great tomorrow, tuesday may be a light passing shower. thursday, more snow into friday and saturday. a strong area of low pressure is give us some rain. i am not even complaining about ranid these days.
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